Legitimate work at home program. What you need to look for.

by Matt - Network Marketing Coach and Consultant on August 30, 2009

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Looking for a legitimate work at home business?

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Many people ask me,

“Matt, I’m sick of the hype based work at home programs and
work at home opportunities. What is a legitimate work at home program that I can get involved in to truly make a part time income for myself and my family?”

In this article I’m not going to give you specific companies to look at,
rather, I’m going to give you the knowledge and tools so that you can look at every opportunity and determine if it is right for you.

Let me begin with the two P’s that I have found to be a critical aspect when selecting a work at home program or opportunity.

The first P is the product.

What product is the company promoting?

Is it a unique product that is in demand and that people are looking for?

How much competition is there for the product?

Let’s say a company is promoting vinyl records. There is very little competition but no one
is looking for records. Select a product that you believe in and have enthusiasm for.

The second P I recommend people look at is positioning.

Is the product here to stay?

How does the company and product match up in the industry?

Are they catching the beginning wave of a huge trend or are they catching the tail end of a trend that is slowly fading?

Once you find a product that you believe in, that meets a need and demand of people today and is
riding the wave of growth in terms of what people are looking for, it is important that you take a look
at the company.

Management Team
What is the background of the executives in the company?

Did they wake up last week and decide they would like to try their hand at a business?

The management teams background should be easy to find and very visible. If it is easier to find a needle in a haystack than it is to find the background of the management team, run the other way.

The company should be glad to show you the background of the corporate team.

Strong business background coupled with honesty, integrity and compassion is vital for a
successful work at home opportunity.

How will you be compensated for your efforts?

Do you have to work like a dog to earn a few bucks or will you be compensated fairly based on your efforts?

Will you have to spend a small fortune each month to stay in business?

Is the compensation structure like reading directions in a different language?

When you enter into an opportunity will you have any support?

Does the company throw you in the water and tell you to swim?

Having support can mean the difference between success and another failed work at home attempt.

It can be a daunting task to find a legitimate work at home program that can provide your family
with cash flow. Take your time in following this advice to find the right opportunity for you.

This article was created so that you can look at any work at home program and get a sense of
whether it is a legitimate opportunity.

If you are still wondering what companies to look at feel free to contact me and I can guide you
based on your goals, interests and strengths.

No matter what company you may join, know that you have the ability to succeed in a work at home program. It is not just fantasy.

If you found this information helpful and want more information on using the power of the internet
to build a home based business click below.

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